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Best place to buy Ivermectin, Ivermectin for sale

The key to successful treatment is the quality of medicines, and our main task is to keep this quality and deliver it to the patient. Thus, the company has created a quality control system that guarantees that Ivermectin you ordered will be of high quality and effectiveness.

Costco Pharmacy
Address: 1540 Froom Ranch Way, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405, United States | Phone: (805) 541-7028 | Website:

I’ve always found the pharmacists and staff to be very friendly. Although I’m not there very often, they always call me by name before I even get to the window. They ask about my wife and how she is doing (unless she is picking up a prescription, in which case they ask about me) – genuine people, friendly and fast.

Hey, employees, here’s an idea: don’t assume everyone steals. I came in there to buy one thing in the cosmetics department, and I was literally in shorts and tiny pockets or purse. But apparently, I just look like I’m going to take the entire stock of lipstick. I didn’t realize I’d had to wear my Sunday’s best to avoid a stereotype I didn’t even know I fit. Next time I’ll be sure to wear my evening gown to get treated like a CUSTOMER and not a thief. You don’t have to follow me around (you make it very obvious, by the way). I’ll be sure to avoid this Costco Pharmacy.

Phar Merica
Address: 873 Ricardo Ct, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, United States | Phone: (805) 543-5981 | Website:

I think this may be the most kind and understanding pharmacy in the Irvine area. I’ve been going to Phar Merica for a decade, putting up with their rudeness. No more. I am coming here from now on. Highly recommended. Great location, too- right next to HOAG hospital. I found this pharmacy was the only one open on Saturday when I came out of ER, and my CVS didn’t have the Ivermectin.

This is not my favorite pharmacy. Pros: The store staff in the front are friendly, and the hours of operation make stopping in easy and worry-free (open 24 hrs). The cons, however, are mostly related to the pharmacy. The staff is overworked, stressed out, and I hate to say it, but they aren’t very delightful or warm. I blame the pressure they are under and the fact that they are ALWAYS under-staffed in the pharmacy. The drive-thru is a complete disaster, and you’ll likely have to make multiple trips to get the single medication you came for. This, of course, was my experience in the many years I’d frequented this location, and I’ve since found a different location that never lets me down. To sum it up, proceed with caution.

Kohana Pharmacy
Address: 181 Tank Farm Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, United States | Phone: (805) 542-0864 | Website:

The pharmacist at Kohana Pharmacy is very knowledgeable and caring. She is a true professional that works with your insurance to get you the best deal and medication. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They treat you like a family member. Price-wise, they beat others.

Gosia, the pharmacist, thinks she’s a Dr and would rather you go through dangerous withdrawals from Benzodiazepines and Ambien than to fill it, bc one might decide to overtake it and overdose! So, I can’t get my prescribed medication all from one Dr. bc, she thinks my Dr is an idiot, and she should decide what I take and what I don’t, so if I die from Benzodiazepines withdrawals which cause seizures, it’s GOSIAS FAULT!

Address: 720 Aerovista Pl Ste D, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, United States | Phone: (866) 239-3784 | Website:

I never felt so special from a pharmacy delivery, but this is no regular pharmacy or pharmacist. Conversio Health is the personal best! My family meds and delivery is always on time! I have been using them now for two years. I recommend them to all.

Recently: Nasty mean pharmacist wouldn’t refill a script for Ivermectin, said it was too soon. Tried to ask questions to work to a solution, SHE was uncooperative. I went next door to Walgreens just to ask procedural questions, got accused of Rx shopping. Got a NEW script from t Dr. for a ten days gap fill, they STILL wouldn’t fill it. We’re not druggies, 4-year history with this Conversio Health, previously no problems. I had to go w/o meds for ten days until t mail order (plan B) pills came in. Months ago. Was 3 stars. Always a new Rx staff. Busy and efficient. NOT GIVING MET BEST PRICES, MAYBE, just maybe, they’ll tell u there’s a $10 coupon online for that $300 med. Usually, a line at the front counter. Mix of good and bad cashiers. Never anyone around to help in the photo area. Usually one cashier, no floor help. The staff keeps changing, mostly good and nice help now.